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 Medic Paint Render :D

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Medic Paint Render :D Empty
PostSubject: Medic Paint Render :D   Medic Paint Render :D Icon_minitimeWed Jul 04, 2007 9:13 pm

1. Here I made a quick render...with paint, yes, you heard me, with paint.... lol

2. Here I took the same paint render and fix it up just a tad bit with Photoshop (I know it doesnt look much different at all lol)

1. Medic Paint Render :D Medicrender

2. Medic Paint Render :D Medicrender2

Medic Paint Render :D WarrockOwner-1
Medic Paint Render :D 046
Medic Paint Render :D Hammerfall
Medic Paint Render :D Epic_metal
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Medic Paint Render :D
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